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New Widows' Financial Challenges


DouglasBradley is the Widow’s Advisor. We have extensive experience working with widows. We help overwhelmed widows understand their new reality and make smart decisions for a secure financial future.

Firm founder, Doug Robinson, is the co-author of The Not Just a Widow Guidebook, which is a practical guide to a widow’s transition.


A Widow's Experience

Unless you’ve personally experienced it, you have no idea what a widow goes through. It’s the destruction of a partnership in every sense of the word - emotionally as well as financially. In the midst of the grief, a widow must deal with all the legal, financial and practical issues. These might include making decisions regarding:

  • Life insurance proceeds
  • Credit cards and other consumer debt
  • Social Security survivor benefits
  • Pension survivorship rules
  • Retirement plans and IRAs
  • Housing and mortgages
  • Vehicles and vehicle loans
  • Husband’s personal property and collections
  • Health insurance
  • Child care expenses and education costs
  • Sources of income and employment

With so many moving parts, it’s critical for widows to seek out professional guidance as they navigate these critical decisions. It’s equally important to avoid salespeople who prey on widows and their vulnerability.

DouglasBradley’s Financial Fysical can be useful when you’re struggling to find answers to important questions.