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Two reasons your take-home pay can drop at the beginning of the year

We recently got a question from a client. Their first paycheck of the year had dropped by a few hundred dollars versus the previous one. They asked us for some insight. Since they are long-time clients and we know their situation pretty well, we answered the question quickly and accurately...
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A Widow’s Identity Crisis

All of us have an identity - even multiple identities. We see ourselves one way and the world may see us in a different way. Our children view us differently than our parents do. Our close friends view us differently than a business colleague. When your spouse dies, your identity...
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When a husband dies, does the wife get his Social Security?

The answer is: Maybe! Social Security benefits are very complex. Survivor benefits are complex as well. Since we specialize in helping widows, we are approaching the topic from a widow's perspective. The first thing we suggest is to not assume you know what your benefits are. We have heard lots...
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How many death certificates do I need?

How many death certificates do I need? This is a question that is often asked and there are plenty of answers on the internet! Here are our two cents - from the perspective of people who have actually helped clients settle their husband's estates, retitle accounts, and reorganize their personal...
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