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Can you answer these three questions?


Where are you now financially?

Where do you want to go?

How do you get there?


Most people can kinda-sorta answer them. The result is a general unease about their prospects for the future as they stumble forward hoping things will work out.

What does it take to get clarity? As Americans, we often look for a product we can buy to solve our problem. Financial products aren’t the answer, which is why so many owners of mutual funds, ETFs, annuities, etc… aren’t fully satisfied with their investment vehicles or the people who sell them.


The solution isn’t the ship you buy, but rather the captain you hire to guide the ship.


When you choose DouglasBradley as your guide, we use a simple four step process developed over twenty years.


Step 1: The Financial Fysical

  • You have some concerns that need immediate attention.
  • We discuss your different options and then recommend a course of action.
  • You cross these issues off your list so you can refocus on the bigger picture and the future.

Step 2: Clean House and Get Organized

  • Important decisions require accurate information.
  • We help you organize and prioritize so the next steps fall into place.
  • You immediately begin to feel less anxious.

Step 3: Get On Track

  • Define your destination and you know exactly where to steer.
  • We help you set targets: how much, when, where.
  • When you know where you are and where you are going, it’s simply a matter of connecting the dots.

Step 4: Stay The Course

  • Life has a funny way of placing hurdles in your path.
  • We help you keep information up-to-date so you stay aware of your current “surroundings”.
  • When the unexpected happens, it’s a simple matter of a course correction and you quickly return to what you were doing.

We believe you can achieve financial clarity and feel confident about your future without using complex or expensive investment products or strategies.

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